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Tips For Pairing Cheeses

Pairing Cheeses With Beer

• Light beers go with lighter cheese; strongly flavored beers need assertive cheeses.
• As a general guideline, equate lagers to white wine and ales to red wine.
• Some cheeses pair better with beer than wine, more powerful cheeses challenge wine. Beer's more bitter flavor and effervesence counter the richness of aged cheeses and cleanse the palate.
• Yeast beers go well with aged cheeses, served with crusty bread.

Pairing Cheeses With Wines

• White wines are easier to pair with cheese because many are fruity, rather than dry.
• Pair dry wines and most young red wines with aged cheeses.
• Pair fruity, acidic white wines with equally tangy cheeses.
• Pair bigger, bolder wines with spicy cheeses with high acid levels.
• Pair rustic, assertive red wines with piquant cheeses such as medium to hard Italian cheeses.
• For rich desserts with cheese, pair with highly sweet dessert wines.
• Pair wines and cheeses from the same region, such as Italian Chianti with Asiago.