Wine & Cheese... is there really a better combination? Andy Pasta has a great selection of gourmet cheese, perfect for your Thanksgiving Day guests!

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This cheese is soaked in local Lagrein wine with added herbs and garlic and pepper are used to soak the cheese for 5 days.

Occelli Testun al Barolo

An ancient Italian mountain cheese made from a mix of sheep’s and goats’ milk. This hard cheese is packed in “grape must” resulting from the production of Barolo wine, infusing the cheese with an amazing, decadent, vinous flavour.


A traditional, Italian cheese made in northern Italy’s Veneto region. Affectionately called "drunken cheese", it is bathed in gallons of dry and sparkling Prosecco wine along with skins, seeds, and leftovers from the wine making process to extract the unique sweet, delicate aroma of the wine and complex flavors.


This cheese is made from Murcian goat's milk and is soaked in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.